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What to Expect From a Spa Pedicure

What to Expect From a Spa Pedicure, Montreal Manicure

Spa pedicures provide feet with an indulgent treat. They typically include a foot soak, massage and nail treatments to rejuvenate their look.

Regular visits to a nail bar for pedicures to improve cuticle health and shape nails is an effective way to keep them looking their best, but getting a spa pedicure offers additional benefits that surpass those offered at standard nail bars.

Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology involves applying pressure to areas on the feet associated with certain organs or body parts. This technique is believed to release energy blockages while helping maintain balance within the body.

Pedicures typically consist of soaking feet in warm water to cleanse and soften skin, using an exfoliator scrub to exfoliate dead cells off, applying moisturizing masks or creams to moisturize nails and skin, and possibly enjoying a massage using acupressure to relieve tension from feet and lower legs.

At some spas, disposable items may be preferred while others opt for reusable, sterilized pieces; it all depends on what your preference is as far as this goes. When receiving a Spa Pedicure treatment, additional services like paraffin wax treatment might be offered such as dipping feet into warm melted wax that sets and hardens before being taken off your feet later on.

Foot Massage

Many spa pedicures include foot massages to alleviate tension and stress. Massage also improves blood circulation and heat distribution throughout the body. To avoid infection, schedule your pedicure early in the day when salons haven’t yet become overrun with customers; that way you know you can count on tools and bath being as clean as possible!

Manicurists can also help their clients maintain healthy feet between appointments by suggesting the necessary products and solutions. Many experts advise clients to push cuticles instead of cutting them, as this reduces infection risks. It is a good idea to bring along flip flops for public places such as pools and locker rooms so as to prevent contamination of feet by bacteria and viruses.

Warm Towel

Warm towels are an integral component of any pedicure service that help soothe clients while making the experience enjoyable. Their warmth promotes circulation and comfort while soothing and replenishing skin cells.

Steamy treatments are typically followed by foot massages to soften skin and allow nail technicians to more easily remove calluses and dead cells.

Scent-infused towels can enhance a client’s experience further, adding aromatherapy and sensory elements that will delight their senses and relax muscles, rejuvenating skin. Proper folding techniques and using a towel warmer will ensure the towels maintain their ideal temperature throughout the pedicure process, so technicians can focus on providing a relaxing, pampering service to every client.


A spa pedicure usually includes exfoliation of both feet and toenails using natural ingredients such as essential oils, fruit extracts or sea salt scrub. The process helps remove dead skin cells from the surface of skin while leaving it softened and more comfortable than before.

Some spas may provide a paraffin wax dip treatment to moisturize the feet. This luxurious experience provides relaxation while relieving joint pain from their joints of the foot.

Once your pedicure is complete, it is recommended to avoid getting your feet wet for 12 hours in order to ensure nail polish doesn’t chip and peel. A pumice stone may help soften cuticles while also preventing hard skin accumulation on feet.

Hot Towel

Hot towels add an extra special touch to any pedicure treatment experience, helping clients relax their feet and soothe any sore muscles, while simultaneously increasing absorption of moisturisers and oils into the body.

Preparing a hot towel requires submerging two soft towels in warm water and straining off any excess. This process ensures that they reach an ideal temperature before use.

Regular cleaning and disinfection of salon or spa towel warmers is crucial in order to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria and fungus, keeping your salon hygienic. VOESH’s high quality hot towel cabinet was specially designed to quickly heat and maintain an even temperature, keeping your salon clean and hygienic as well as saving both time and money with less laundry cycles required for cleaning purposes.

What to Expect From a Spa Pedicure, Montreal Manicure
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