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Are manicure-entail/” target=”_blank”>Russian Manicures Safe?

Are manicure-entail/” target=”_blank”>Russian Manicures Safe?, Montreal Manicure

With increasing demand for picture-perfect manicures comes increasing popularity of the Russian Manicure technique. This “dry” manicure employs the use of a nail drill to shape cuticles before applying color polish to complete its transformation.

Are these manicures safe? Both experts we consulted advised against doing it themselves and suggested seeking the services of an experienced nail technician for this method.

Cuticles aren’t cut

The Russian manicure has gained widespread acclaim within the nail industry due to its precise and long-term finish, yet this technique has caused great controversy due to cutting and abrasion of cuticles.

Dermatologists typically do not advise this practice because it exposes nails to bacteria that could potentially lead to infection. Furthermore, constant cuticle abrasion weakens nails further and makes them more prone to breakage.

Kamola Malikova, owner and founder of Minx Beauty Beverly Hills and one of only a few California salons that specialize in Russian manicures, states she employs technicians trained at Profi Nails with years of experience and suggests using cuticle oil at home to maintain healthy and strong nails.

She suggests switching out acrylics for non-toxic hard gel polishes which are healthier, longer-wearing, and look more elegant. Furthermore, she advises individuals to always inquire as to their nail technician’s level of training, experience in using sterilized equipment, etc.

The nails aren’t soaked

Russian manicures differ from their counterparts by not employing water soaks to soften nails; thus minimizing risk of damage or infection from bacteria.

Russian manicures are also fast and effective; not only because the nails don’t require being submerged in water for prolonged periods, but because the cuticles are filed off using an electric file instead.

This tool is specially designed to clean cuticles, shape nails and remove old polish without causing damage, creating an overall clean, healthy and beautiful appearance.

However, it’s essential that Russian manicures be performed by trained and experienced nail technicians; otherwise, damage could result in infections of both nails and cuticles. To reduce risk, only get your Russian manicure from certified professional at reputable salons, using products like Rainbow’s Hydrate Serum to keep nails in peak condition.

The nails aren’t trimmed

Russian manicures, also known as dry manicures, differ from traditional nail services by forgoing water-soaking altogether and instead focusing on your cuticles. A trained nail technician should use an electric drill to remove excess skin before applying a non-toxic gel polish, according to Malikova.

An experienced nail technician can then use their expertise to apply polish closer to the cuticle for a longer-lasting and more natural-looking manicure. However, for the best results it is recommended that only qualified and sterilized tools be used during application of this look.

Educational materials can help ease clients’ worries about this specialized manicure service, and using premium tools like Erica’s ATA to perform manicures efficiently and safely can only serve to increase client satisfaction and loyalty – an impressive 87.8% of clients rated their experiences as very or extremely satisfied! So give it a try, it might just work for you!

The pedicurecare/” target=”_blank”>nails aren’t shaped

Kendall Jenner made famous a manicure look known as “picture-perfect cuticles,” using a Russian nail technique known as “dry” or “e-file.” Unlike traditional polish applications, “e-file” does not involve submersion in water to soften skin before filing away excess cuticle tissue by professional nail technicians.

Filing nails using an electronic file and an e-filer attachment provides an easier, less abrasive method that also enables more precise nail art designs.

Like any beauty treatment, cutting past an eponychium can pose risks if performed by someone without the appropriate training and equipment. Doing it yourself exposes you to bacteria and outside pathogens which could cause pain, bleeding or serious infections that require medical intervention – for that reason it should always be performed by professionals in a salon using properly sterilized tools.

Are manicure-entail/” target=”_blank”>Russian Manicures Safe?, Montreal Manicure
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