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Gel Nails Vs Shellac Nails

Gel Nails Vs Shellac Nails, Montreal Manicure

Shellac offers long-lasting manicures, available in an array of stunning hues that outlive traditional nail polish. Plus, its vibrant hues last much longer!

Shellac can damage natural nails if over-cured or removed improperly; to minimize this potential hazard, follow these tips.

What is Gel pedicurecare/” target=”_blank”>Nail Polish?

Gel manicures utilize polygel that’s cured under UV light to create strong and long-term nail color, yet are easy to remove compared to traditional polish which requires acetone removal and can damage nails.

Gel manicures offer glossy, show-stopping nail colour that lasts up to three weeks without chipping or fading – one of the most long-lasting nail treatments available, they also resist cracking, peeling and staining too!

Gel and Shellac are both long-lasting nail treatments, but there are some key differences. Gel is thicker than Shellac and must be applied and removed by a licensed nail technician.

Both treatments provide 14 days of chip-free wear, although gel manicures require the application of a base coat and curing under UV light, which may cause damage to natural nails. To reduce potential complications from the treatment, Di Lullo recommends moisturizing nails afterward using CND’s Solaroil, which contains jojoba oil and vitamin E to hydrate them and maintain flexible and healthy nails.

What is Shellac Nail Polish?

Shellac is a hybrid polish (half nail varnish and half gel), cured under UV light to produce long-term high-shine results that provide long wear-time and wide colour choices compared to traditional gels.

CND Solaroil contains jojoba oil to protect and strengthen nails between manicure appointments. Furthermore, its easier removal than other forms of gel polish. No lengthy soak off process necessary. A gentle cuticle oil (such as CND Solaroil containing this ingredient).

Shellac can cause irreparable damage when applied improperly; trained nail technicians should use gentle products like CND’s Nail Cleansing Solution instead.

What is the Difference Between Gel and Shellac Nail Polish?

Gel and Shellac nail treatments differ substantially despite sharing similar components. Shellac is actually a brand of gel polish developed and trademarked by Creative Nail Design (CND), while Gel refers to all forms of gel manicure.

Gel nails can be removed at home with ease; however, Shellac nails require the services of a salon professional who uses an acetone soak for removal – this process causes less damage to natural nails than regular removal methods for gel nail removal.

Due to its traditional polish formula, Shellac requires less time for removal from nails after soaking than other nail treatments due to being quicker cured onto them. Lippmann notes: any product cured onto nails may damage them if not removed correctly by soaking.

Which is Better for You?

Gel and Shellac have long been hot topics at nail salons, yet many don’t fully comprehend the differences between the two polish types. If this happens to be your situation when booking your next manicure appointment at a salon, you could end up confused over which polish type best meets your needs.

Shellac contains traditional polish, making it thinner and lighter than gel polish; however, Seney cautions that this also means it chips more quickly.

Another key advantage is that Shellac does not require buffing, which can damage natural nails. Furthermore, its removal process is faster than Gel polish, which typically requires soaking and may involve acetone. CND produces a special remover designed specifically to hydrate nails post-removal.

Gel Nails Vs Shellac Nails, Montreal Manicure
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