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What is the Most Popular Fake Nail Shape?

What is the Most Popular Fake Nail Shape?, Montreal Manicure

Nail shapes have changed significantly in recent years thanks to influencers and celebrities sporting unconventional silhouettes; now there is more diversity when it comes to nail looks than ever before.

For clients who prefer low maintenance options, try opting for a classic round shape manicure. It elongates fingers while being suitable for short and long nails alike.

Square Nails

Square nails offer an eye-catching modern aesthetic. Flat on top with sharp corners, square nails work best on longer digits. Lilly Rojas of Lili and Cata salon states “they look fantastic with light pastel nail polish colors”.

To achieve this style, she suggests filing your nails straight across. Just don’t go too far or your boxy shape may become unrecognizable.

Square oval (or “squoval”) nail shapes offer another great option. Combining the best traits of both shapes, it makes for an eye-catching combination and flatters people with wider nail beds; particularly those who dislike jagged edges of square nails while not caring much for soft curves like an oval. Plus, these hybrid nails don’t require as much length like square nails to function effectively!)

Square-Round Nails

Square nails remain timeless classics; typically featuring sharp 90-degree edges. Square nail designs look fantastic on all lengths of nails for an impressively polished, put-together appearance.

according to Bachik, this nail shape is ideal for people with wide nail beds as it makes their nails appear thinner. Additionally, this shape makes life simpler for people who use their hands regularly or desire a long-term nail shape with easy maintenance requirements.

Another excellent option is the squoval, which provides a balanced combination of square and oval shapes. They make an excellent addition to both short natural nails as well as shorter acrylic ones; similar to an LBD of nail shapes – it works with everything and goes with any outfit! Give one of these cuties a try on your next manicure for a cute yet chic look or give bubblegum square-rounds a go for fun and playful pops of colour!

Oval Nails

Oval nails resemble natural nail shapes closely, making them the ideal low-maintenance choice for customers who desire safe yet stylish nails. Furthermore, oval nails make an appropriate option when working in conservative settings where displaying playful hues or nail art designs would not be appropriate.

Oval nails begin with rounded tips that gradually taper to an almond shape at their tips, making this shape ideal for shorter lengths. As opposed to pointed nails that may catch clothing or break if used often for typing and driving tasks, oval nails have soft edges less likely to cause issues than pointed ones.

Squoval-shaped nails provide an “attractive compromise between square and round nail shapes”, according to nail expert and founder of nontoxic nail brand Sundays Elle Gerstein. Furthermore, Elle suggests squoval nails as particularly suitable for those with wide fingers as they help balance out their look.

Natural Nails

Natural nail shapes provide a low-maintenance option that highlights the beauty of your fingernails without needing much upkeep or care. They’re particularly suitable for people who type frequently or who tend to have weak natural nails as it helps prevent breakage.

Coffin nails, also referred to as ballerina nails, are an iconic choice when it comes to fashionable nail art. Their unique elongated shape resembles stiletto nails but with the top filed flat at the top for a ballet shoe-like silhouette. Coffin nails should be an essential feature in your collection of fashionable nail art styles; their creation requires long enough nails for you to work with!

Squoval nails offer an ideal compromise between square and oval nails, featuring straight filing with softly-rounded corners to achieve an understated finish. Their length makes them the ideal candidate for dramatic color choices like pillar box red or even an eye-catching summertime sorbet shade; but these stunning nails look amazing even without polish!

What is the Most Popular Fake Nail Shape?, Montreal Manicure
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