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Five Manicures That Are Less Damaging to Nails

Five Manicures That Are Less Damaging to Nails, Montreal Manicure

Though any manicure can damage nails if done improperly, certain options may cause less harm than others. Here are five of the least damaging types of manicures to try.

Basic manicures involve buffing your nails and applying regular nail polish, with results lasting two weeks or less and no filing or soaking necessary, making this one of the safest choices available.

benefits-of-manicure-by-a-good-salon/” target=”_blank”>Gel Manicures

Gel manicures use similar steps as traditional nail polish applications but with different products. It requires non-drying nail prep, clear base coat with polyurethane and colored lacquer applications topped by film-forming topcoat application before being dried by UV curing lamp; some dermatologists advise wearing sunscreen when receiving a gel manicure for maximum skin health and safety.

Studies have revealed that UV lights used in nail dryers can alter DNA, potentially resulting in cancer-causing mutations. Our experts advise taking breaks between gel appointments or rotating between gel and regular polish to keep nails strong and healthy; in addition to applying cuticle oil after having had a gel manicure.

Gel X Manicures

If you want a manicure that lasts longer without the damage that acrylic nails can bring, try Gel-X. According to nail expert Tokyo Kandalec, Gel-X is safer than traditional acrylics because it does not contain harmful chemicals like methyl methacrylate and toluene.

Gel-X is an innovative hybrid formula with less lacquer content than standard gel polishes, making the application process gentler on natural nails and quicker and simpler than other gel manicures.

The technician applies a layer of pH bonder and nonacidic primer before applying a Gel-X form that is then cured under an LED light for two weeks of wearability if maintained properly.

Press-On Nails

Press-on nails offer an easy and quick solution for getting a manicure. Available in sets with various designs, they’re quick and simple to put on or take off for quick fixes before special events or parties. Press-ons make for the perfect quick fix when looking for something fun or need an event look quickly!

Press-on nails are typically made of acrylic or gel polymer and applied using nail glue or peel-and-stick adhesives. For best results when it comes to applying press-ons, start with clean, unpolished nails which have not been polished; ensure they have the appropriate shape with cuticles pushed back properly before starting application process.

Find a press-on nail that matches the natural nails on your hands, then apply it directly onto the nail bed and press to set. These press-ons may last up to two weeks!

Airbrush Manicures

Airbrush nail art is an innovative new trend that allows you to express yourself boldly or subtly, depending on what suits you best. Additionally, this manicure combines metallic motifs with floral motifs for a striking appearance that’s chic yet fresh!

Are you familiar with the aura nails trend? Typically involving an assortment of colors that represent one’s “aura,” this manicure takes this concept one step further by creating an airbrushed gradient effect over a white base.

When performing an airbrush manicure, it’s essential that your hands and work surface are kept as clean as possible. Make sure to have plenty of paper towels handy, along with liquid latex (such as PrettyDiva Liquid Latex for Nails ($13), to help prevent excess paint from getting on other parts of your body or surrounding areas.

Basic Manicures

Basic manicures are the safest choice for your nails. A nail technician will trim, shape, buff and push back cuticles before applying a clear coat of polish to keep them looking their best.

Gel manicures can be extremely abrasive on natural nails, particularly if using UV or LED light-curing polish such as Shellac. Therefore, it’s essential that salons offer top-quality products while following proper safety procedures when performing this type of manicure.

Nail wraps offer an alternative solution for those who enjoy the look of acrylic nails but wish to forgoing their potential damage. Plus, they come off easily at home using regular acetone nail polish remover.

Five Manicures That Are Less Damaging to Nails, Montreal Manicure
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