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Nail Health – What Does It Say About You?

Nail Health – What Does It Say About You?, Montreal Manicure

Your nails can reveal much about the state of your health. While some changes are normal, others could indicate an underlying condition.

Yellow nails may indicate onychomycosis or thyroid disorder or even psoriasis; horizontal ridges called Beau’s lines could also be an indicator of kidney disease.


Green nails indicate your commitment to supporting environmental causes and are supportive of sustainability efforts. Their color also shows you are an early adapter who embraces new styles and looks. Blue nails imply you have a playful side; perhaps creative thinker with spontaneous mind that enjoys entertaining others?

Pink nails indicate that you are an affectionate, compassionate individual who values spending time with loved ones. Furthermore, this shade may hint that you enjoy meeting new people and are social.

White nails may indicate anemia and poor nutrition while yellow ones could indicate kidney or liver disease as well as fungal infection, thyroid conditions or Raynaud’s syndrome (a condition which impairs circulation to fingers and hands). Sporadic white spots on your nails may not indicate anything serious; if they persist seek medical advice.


Most nails contain a white half-moon shape called the lunula near their cuticle at their bases near the cuticle, larger on thumbnail nails than pinkies, known as the lunula. Any change to either its size or color could indicate an underlying condition; for instance, wide V-shaped strips could indicate Darier disease which is an autosomal recessive genetic disorder often seen during adolescence that can lead to psoriasis, immune diseases or even cirrhosis.

Wide nails may indicate you as someone with strong expressive, open-minded tendencies who is an active listener, as well as reliable with a clear sense of duty and reliability. Although you are reliable and have strong sense of duty; these traits may make you seem inflexible when it comes to adapting and changing things up compared to your peers. You are hardworking person and highly committed to your goals; yet also very lovable!


Your nails may provide clues as to any underlying health concerns, like fungal infections or iron deficiency. Soft and spoon-shaped nails (koilonychia) could indicate this condition while more brittle and peeling nails could point towards vitamin deficiency or liver or heart disease.

Many nail changes are benign, such as gradual appearance of subtle ridges on your nails due to age or genetics, while others could indicate something is wrong, like horizontal ridges known as Beau’s lines which may signal diabetes and peripheral vascular disease, fever or zinc deficiency; clubbing can also indicate lung or heart issues.


According to the Mayo Clinic, nail strength is an indicator of overall health. While most changes to nail color occur naturally, any drastic shift can sometimes indicate larger health concerns.

Soft and brittle nails may indicate a deficiency of essential nutrients, or may have been exposed to harsh chemicals like detergent water, nail polish remover and cleaning fluids. A diet low in protein may also weaken nails.

Beau’s lines, or horizontal depressions in the nails, may also be a telltale sign of malnourishment or disease related to blood vessels such as pneumonia or diabetes. If these lines appear on your nails it’s wise to consult a physician; although in many cases there should be nothing cause-for concern here; just rule out all potential sources and address them accordingly – such as eating more nutrient-rich foods and increasing water consumption to strengthen them further.

Nail Health – What Does It Say About You?, Montreal Manicure
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