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Which Manicure Lasts the Longest?

Which Manicure Lasts the Longest?, Montreal Manicure

Which Manicure Lasts the Longest?, Montreal Manicure

No matter your manicure needs – from extra-long to prolonging polish – there is something suitable for everyone on the market. Salon owners, nail techs and one beauty writer all weigh in with their advice on what’s available (and which options might work).

Plus, there are even polishes formulated without chemicals that encourage nail growth!


Acrylic nails have long been a favorite choice, as they add strength and length to natural nails. The process involves mixing liquid monomer and powder polymer together with lengthening tips before brushing onto nails under UV or LED light and curing for 10-20 seconds before being polished off afterwards.

Dip powder nails offer an alternative for those who enjoy the look of acrylics but desire something healthier. Also known as SNS nails, this process involves brushing on a clear gel base before dipping each nail in colored powders for color application. Once dried under UV or LED lights, topcoat is added before curing again to complete.

Kandalec and Minerva both agree that both options are less damaging than traditional acrylics, yet both recommend choosing quality products without methyl methacrylate (MMA), which can damage nails. Furthermore, both experts advise wearing gloves while cleaning or doing repetitive tasks, and applying cuticle oil regularly to keep hands and nails hydrated.

Dip Powder

Like gel manicures, dip powder manicures begin with an acrylic base coated in clear liquid sealant and powder for tinting purposes, before being sealed again with top coat. According to Kandalec, “Dip powder manicures are durable yet beautiful”, lasting up to one month before needing replacement.

As with gel, acrylic can also be used to create designs and nail art if applied correctly by an experienced nail technician, lasting just as long.

Submersion powder manicures do have their drawbacks, such as having to soak nails in acetone for 20 minutes before being dipped, which can damage natural nails and cuticles, as well as cross-contamination issues if nails are directly dunked into powder containers; to limit cross-contamination issues it is wise to inquire whether salons offer alternative approaches such as using brushes or having technicians sprinkle powder directly onto nails instead of dunking them directly in powder containers.


A gel manicure, which involves curing nail polish under an LED light before being applied to the nails, usually lasts two or three weeks without chipping. It’s less damaging than acrylics and may be suitable for those with damaged natural nails; its removal should also not strip nails! For maximum effectiveness when opting for this service, ask your nail technician to use a soak-off formula rather than regular polish. Additionally, request alcohol pads or foils be placed over them during removal process for added protection.

Kandalec reports that polygel manicures tend to be less damaging for nails than acrylic or dip powder services; however, like any long-term nail service they can still cause damage if not applied and removed properly. Therefore, which kind of manicure lasts longest can only really be determined subjectively; depending on which kind you choose and their maintenance and your daily duties it may last anywhere between one week to eight.


CND’s Vinylux nail polish takes basic manicure to new levels. A hybrid type that looks similar to regular polish, yet lasts much longer according to Nunez, Vinylux can be removed quickly without harming natural nails (as long as they’re not overly dry) without chipping. Plus it comes equipped with built-in technology designed to prevent chipping!

Not your teenager’s tacky press-on nails, these fake nails are made for salon-quality wear that can last up to three weeks with regular touch ups. Boasting natural shine and coming in various lengths and shapes to complement any look imaginable, their longevity requires using nail glue or adhesive tabs that provide secure bonding as well as frequent touch ups – the key being using an acetone-free nail polish remover (don’t try picking off yourself as this could result in nail damage!). Finally, always remover and use high quality nail polish remover which doesn’t leave behind residue (in case of removal!).

Which Manicure Lasts the Longest?, Montreal Manicure
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