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CND Vinylux Manicure & Hot Colors

CND Vinylux Manicure & Hot Colors, Montreal Manicure

CND Vinylux is a long wear nail polish without needing base coat! This self-adherent color and top coat combination contains essential nourishing ingredients for strong nails, while patent-pending technology works to strengthen them over time with natural light.

VINYLUX offers a two-step system with its Weekly Polish, featuring built-in basecoat technology and its Weekly Top Coat offering week long wear with high shine. Plus it comes equipped with ProLight Technology from Shellac!

Hot Chilis

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish offers vibrant metallic pinky-red nails & toes an eye-catching hue, creating a gorgeous combination of color and care. Offering week-long wear with gel-like shine without the need for base coat, its breathable formula contains Keratin, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E to nourish nails; while ProLight technology boosts durability when exposed to natural light – drying in just 8.5 minutes while actually strengthening them with each application! This breakthrough polish requires no base coat for application & actually strengthens nails with each application while strengthening them with each application – an industry first in nail care innovation!

Apply two thin coats of VINYLUX color, sealing the free edge. Follow with one coat of CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat when the nails have dried completely. Vinylux removes easily with regular acetone-based nail polish remover; for optimal adhesion use Scrubfresh on nails to ensure maximum adhesion before application; shake both coats vigorously to blend before beginning.

Summer Breeze

Over the next several weeks I will be testing CND Vinylux nail polish, an innovative hybrid between regular polish and gel or shellac that claims to cure and strengthen with exposure to natural light, last up to one week without chipping like regular nail polish, and can be removed easily with standard nail polish remover.

Summer Breeze from their Garden Muse collection was my choice of white nail polish. This color has an extremely sheer finish that works great for those wanting the classic white manicure without going all-out with opaqueness.

Seals and Crofts, the soft rock duo from the 1970s, created one of the greatest feel-good songs with their 1972 hit Summer Breeze. This romantic ballad captures all the effervescent beauty that summer brings, as well as reminding listeners to appreciate all those little joys which bring happiness and contentment in daily life.

Nauti Nautical

Nauti Nautical Collection captures the zesty spirit of summer with vibrant, saturated shades. It includes CND SHELLAC Brand Gel Polish shades Catch of the Day (bright peach); Hot or Knot (energizing red); Kiss the Skipper (vivid pink); It’s Now Oar Never (rich lilac); Get Nauti (brisk lavender); Down by the Bae (cool coastal blue).

VINYLUX Weekly Polish from CND, the creators of Shellac, is an innovative formula that marries colour and care, offering week-long wear, high shine and chip-resistance in one convenient step. Packed with Keratin, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E to deliver healthy nails; its built-in base coat eliminates need for separate basecoat application while Pro-Light technology increases durability against chips when exposed to natural light; drying quickly without UV curing but easily removed using regular nail polish remover; VINYLUX is free from formaldehyde, toluene DBP camphor or xylene!

Summer Sun

Bright summery yellow with subtle green shimmer that brings your nails to life! Perfect for classic or contemporary French manicure styles alike.

Julie Kandalec of celebrity manicurist fame recommends bold shades as the ideal way to showcase a summer tan! According to Julie’s experience as a celebrity manicurist, vibrant red nail polishes like CND Vinylux Banana Clips and OPI Infinite Shine 2 No Tan Lines highlight warm skin tones; cream pink Essie All The Wave polishes such as Essie All The Wave or bright blue hues such as CND Vinylux Pool Party add depth for cooler complexions.

VINYLUX provides seven days of high shine without chipping or scratching with regular polish and top coat applications. The self-adhering formula eliminates the need for base coat, as adhesion promoters are built into its color layer using patent-pending ProLight technology from CND Shellac’s makers. While ordinary polishes deteriorate over time, VINYLUX actually strengthens with natural light exposure resulting in longer wear time than ordinary brands; drying in eight minutes and being easily removable via CND Shellac Nourishing Remover are just two options to consider for removal!

CND Vinylux Manicure & Hot Colors, Montreal Manicure
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