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Manicure Gel Extensions

Manicure Gel Extensions, Montreal Manicure

Gel nail extensions offer many advantages for your nails that outshone those of acrylics; not only are they virtually odorless and do not require the monomer/powder mixture of an acrylics application process, they may even offer greater flexibility than their acrylic counterparts.

Acetone-removable gel manicures have one great advantage over regular gel manicures: They soak off just like regular ones do without damaging natural nails in any way!

They’re easy to apply

Before getting a gel manicure, your nails will need to be prepared. Your nail technician will buff and file your natural nails as well as push back any cuticles necessary. This will create more natural looking results and extend the wear of the polish longer; cuticle oil should also be applied during this step to keep the nails hydrated while helping avoid lifting after you apply gel polish.

Your nail artist will then apply a layer of hard or structure gel, apply a gel builder, then the color, and then top coat for maximum beauty and protection. If you opt for nail art designs, the artist may also decorate them.

Gel extensions, also known as soak-off gels, are much simpler and quicker to take off than their acrylic counterparts. No dust or smell, simply use acetone to safely dissolve them off without risk of harm to natural nails. They typically last three or four weeks before needing refilling or reapplying anew for a different look.

They’re safe

Gel extensions offer an alternative to acrylics that is both stylish and safe for your nails. Made from similar materials found in gel polish, gel extensions look fantastic while lasting longer than traditional manicures – although as with acrylics they may damage natural nails if worn continuously or removed incorrectly.

Your manicurist will file down approximately 85 percent of the nail extension before soaking off any remaining gel with acetone and tinfoil for 15 minutes to dissolve any remaining bonds. As this may lead to temporary peeling, be sure to follow all aftercare advice provided by your salon.

Be sure to moisturize your nails and cuticles frequently to prevent brittleness in between manicures. Also wear broad spectrum sunscreen when having gel extensions applied, as repeated exposure to UV light can cause sunburn and other skin issues; there have even been cases where frequent gel nail users developed rare skin cancers on their fingers and hands; it is therefore prudent and necessary to limit treatment sessions as much as possible.

They’re easy to remove

Gel nail extensions (commonly referred to as gel overlays) offer a safer alternative to acrylics and press-on nails, made up of similar ingredients as gel polish that add length and last longer without powdery debris or harmful chemicals found in traditional acrylics – providing more security for your natural nails than their alternative counterparts.

Hard gel is the go-to product for nail enhancements. Apply it in multiple layers before curing with either UV or LED lights for permanent results. Hard gel can either serve as extensions for the natural nails, or can even be applied over top of them as needed.

At home, using acetone wrapped with foil can be the easiest way to uninstall gel extensions. Soak each nail for about 15 minutes before scraping off excess with an orange stick – and if done carefully enough, they should slip right off.

They’re long-lasting

An essential factor in prolonging the life of your gel manicure lies in taking excellent care in its upkeep, including not picking at them or using your nails as can openers. Furthermore, hot baths and hand-washing clothing may damage it further by weakening and chipping its shine.

Kaddy recommends applying cuticle oil regularly in order to maintain healthy and hydrating natural nails and prolong their longevity, protecting from damage while lengthening their lifespan.

Before beginning a gel extension treatment, nails must first be prepared (filed, buffed and cuticles pushed back) by being filed, buffed and buffing before the technician applies a bonder for lasting strength. A soft builder gel is then applied and cured under UV light before nail forms can be placed over it to achieve their desired look. Clients can choose between various shapes and lengths until their desired look has been reached.

Manicure Gel Extensions, Montreal Manicure
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