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Types of Manicure Services

Types of Manicure Services, Montreal Manicure

Types of Manicure Services, Montreal Manicure

The nail industry continues to expand at an incredible rate. From colors and design trends, to service upgrades such as paraffin wax treatments, there are now more choices than ever when it comes to getting a manicure.

Nail technicians specialize in paraffin wax treatments that involve melting it and massaging oils into your hands while the wax hardens, before dipping your hands in and lifting them out again.

Basic Manicure

An overall manicure requires trimming and shaping the nails, filing and buffing them, cleaning cuticles as necessary and then painting with classic nail polish. Sally Beauty recommends getting one every two to four weeks to maintain healthy and attractive nails.

If you’re seeking something more luxurious than just quick color changes, why not indulge in a paraffin wax or hot oil manicure? These treatments include the same basic steps of regular manicures but with added hand and arm massages?

Nail technicians use gel to add an extra dimension to their manicure by extending the length of your nails or covering cracks and chips. However, it’s essential that you discuss with your nail technician the frequency of gel application as overdoing it could weaken them, cause breakage or peeling, and damage during removal process if done incorrectly.

Spa Manicure

Spa manicures typically take place in salon settings designed for relaxation. Services provided may include massages and extra pampering beyond nails alone; such as special moisturizers to relieve dry skin conditions, or hot towel wraps to promote circulation and warm hands.

As with regular manicures, spa manicures often include trimming and shaping of nails as well as cuticle removal, relaxing hand massage, aromatherapy treatment and paraffin wax dips, salt scrubs or hydrating masks.

Spa Manicures offer more than the typical salon manicure; they often include extra touches that set them apart, though perhaps not to the same degree as at resorts or cruise ships. Many spas also use their own brand nail care products with this service to maximize results; it makes an excellent alternative to typical polishes found at most salons.

Gel Manicure

Once upon a time, manicure meant nothing more than applying polish to your nails and calling it good. But nowadays there are numerous other options for those seeking to spoil themselves and pamper their hands.

One of the most sought-after nail treatments is gel manicure, which consists of applying colored gel that has been cured under UV light for long-lasting effects. Furthermore, its more natural feel provides greater comfort than regular polish and comes in various shades to complement every occasion.

GEL manicures can add an eye-catching splash of color before an important event; however, their exposure to UV rays could damage nails if not removed correctly. Arnold recommends visiting a salon that uses Shellac or Vinylux’s full patented system in order to minimise potential nail damage and ensure proper removal.

Another alternative is dip powder manicure, which entails dipping your nails into a pigmented nail color after applying a clear liquid formula to them. Marketed as an alternative to acrylic nails and providing similar looks while using less damaging ingredients.

Acrylic Manicure

Are you seeking to add length and durability to your nails? Consider getting an acrylic manicure. This salon nail service uses a mixture of liquid monomer and powder polymer that your technician mixes to form a sticky paste, which will be applied directly onto natural nails before being filed down before being finished off with nail polish.

Your manicure technician may also trim and buff the natural nails for an ideal base for acrylic coating. After several coats have been painted on, you will receive a topcoat sealer for final touches to the manicure.

French manicures feature white polish in an inverted crescent shape at the tips of each nail, and many nail salons provide this stylish feature that can add flair and character to any basic or spa manicure service. For extra-dry hands, paraffin wax or hot oil manicure treatments may provide additional relief; in both instances your hands are immersed in warm wax or oil before your manicurist applies their treatment.

Types of Manicure Services, Montreal Manicure
Types of Manicure Services, Montreal Manicure
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