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What Is A Mirror Manicure?

What Is A Mirror Manicure?, Montreal Manicure
What Is A Mirror Manicure?, Montreal Manicure

Mirror manicure is an eye-catching trend resembling glass nails and popular among girls.

If you want a mirror-effect polish, look no further than ella+mila’s vegan nail polish, which features non-toxic formulation and PETA certification.

Standard Mirrored Nails

Mirror nails with their beautiful silvery sheen are one of the most sought-after trends, offering an elegant way to add some shimmer while remaining classy and sophisticated. This style is one of the most popular types available.

To achieve this look, nail technicians begin by applying a layer of black gel polish to each nail and waiting for it to dry before coating them with chrome powder for the reflective mirror effect.

Once the chrome powder has set, nail technicians should add a clear top coat to help protect and prolong its effect on nails. This step ensures the manicure lasts as intended.

If you’re not quite ready for an all-out mirrored manicure, consider going for a more selective style instead. This can be accomplished by adding reflective finishes only on two or three of your digits while leaving others bare or painted in another hue entirely – deep blue is the ideal shade to do this as it adds an eye-catching element while complementing shimmery hues well.

Tipped Mirrored Nails

If you love the glossy look of chrome nails but aren’t ready to commit fully, try opting for tipped mirrored nails instead. This trend involves creating the reflective effect only at the tips of your fingers; leaving cuticle and skin unpolished for a more refined and sleek look.

To create this look, start with a clear or neutral gel base color and add chrome foils that resemble pieces of broken glass overtop. Zoey at New York Vanity Projects used Clou professional foils cut into tiny triangles before pressing onto her gel nails to achieve this “glass” effect.

Born Pretty’s mirror nail polish ($9) typically receives high reviews both online and at beauty stores, as it comes in multiple shades such as silvery-paste or soft gold hues – making it safe for both natural and gel nails.

Selective Mirrored Nails

If you prefer more subtle looks, selective mirror nails may be your perfect solution. This style utilizes a black base before layering various colors over it to form an eye-catching design – an eye-catching combination of modernity and chicness!

If silver or gold aren’t quite your color of choice, a deep blue might be just what’s needed to get you noticed. This shade reflects light beautifully and will certainly draw the eye – plus, being neutral means it works with any outfit!

To create the mirror effect, start by curing black gel nail polish under either an UV or LED lamp for 60 seconds. Next, use either the special applicator that comes with chrome powder or foam eyeshadow brushes to tap on it beginning from the cuticle area towards the tip of each nail. Finally, buff any remaining ridges until your polish appears smooth and reflective.

Deep Blue Mirrored Nails

Deep blue mirrored manicures are perfect for anyone who enjoys making an impression. Sultry and dramatic, it makes an eye-catching statement at any formal or social gathering – it looks particularly striking with darker outfits like a black dress or navy suit!

For this look, you will require chrome pigment and transparent nail polish. Both products can be found at most beauty stores, while you can purchase clear nail polish from any major online retailer. When choosing a polish make sure it does not contain toxic chemicals like toluene and DBP to ensure safe nails!

Miss Cheering Healthy Nail Color, made of all natural ingredients and free from toluene, DBP, and formaldehyde is an ideal nail polish to use on natural, fake, or gel nails for quick drying time and maximum health benefits. Be sure to follow it up by applying nourishing hand cream afterwards to keep nails and cuticles healthy!

What Is A Mirror Manicure?, Montreal Manicure
What Is A Mirror Manicure?, Montreal Manicure
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